A Fresh Point Of View!

At Cargo Interiors, we are absolutely thrilled to welcome our new intern Josephine to the team, who will be there for you across our social media. We want to discuss the importance of having a fresh perspective from different eyes as it is always a fantastic experience and brings new energy into a situation.

This new perspective is exciting and is a great form of encouragement when pushing forward into a new workplace environment.

We like to hear different ways of thinking at Cargo Interiors, especially when we are finally heading closer towards a post-pandemic world, YAY! And as nerve-wracking as it may seem to keep up with changing working environments, know you are not the only one feeling the effects.

WGSN, Mintel and many more trend-forecasters have highlighted collective mindsets of anxiety and boredom alongside the strong desire to rebuild wellbeing.

We have been busy decoding these emotions to give you guys tips and tricks on conquering and understanding these feelings, helping you get back to what you do best.

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We’ve asked Josephine some questions to give you guys an insight into the person who will be behind the scenes of our social media accounts.

Could you tell us a bit about you?

Hiya, I’m Josephine! I am a current fashion marketing masters student at Cardiff Met, which I am loving. After graduating from Brighton University in 2019, studying fashion communication, I took a year out to figure out my next move. So I decided to jump into a masters, completely forgetting the all-nighters and breakdowns that it would entail.

Having said that, I have surprisingly had only three pre hand in breakdowns which is a huge improvement, haha. My primary motivation for putting myself through it all again is the fact I’ve always loved being creative as it is my happy place. Not being in an environment where I can express my creativity and learn definitely was not doing me any favours.

Choosing a marketing masters course was a case of me having an interest in learning the business side of operations to enable me to combine my creativity with practical theory. It’s been a really exciting year for me, considering limitations caused by the pandemic. It has brought me here, which I am really excited about and can’t wait to bring my skills and knowledge into the team!

Aside from work and studying, I’m guilty of being stereotypically obsessed with true crime documentaries and spend a lot of spare time watching Bailey Sarian on Youtube. I honestly have no shame in ignoring my friends and family for a couple of days when Netflix uploads a new binge worth watching; sorry not sorry.

Other than binge-watching Netflix and Youtube, which I don’t know if that would class as a hobby…? I love walking, and my pt puts me through my paces twice a week, mainly so I don’t feel so guilty when eating copious amounts of chocolate. Also, I find ultimate satisfaction watching interior design programs, especially before and after’s.

I think my parents get sick and tired of me painting and repainting the walls in our house for no particular reason other than not restraining my creative flow.

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What inspires/interests you?

Anything 1960’s I adore; Twiggy, Bárbara Hulanicki (Biba), and Audrey Hepburn are my icons. They have had a significant influence on me within my academic journey; I would incorporate them into my work any chance I got.

I think the ’60s is such an interesting era for not just fashion and interiors but everything. There is a considerable resemblance between then and now.

The 1960s was the post-war decade which had a similar global level of uprooted change as we are going through now. An example of how the war changed the world was the improvements to machinery and transport, which paved the way for the birth of the high street due to the mass improvements to supply chains.

It showed the resilience and durability of the human spirit when faced with adversity and is evidence of how strong we all are and how capable we are of making it out of the pandemic in one piece.

The psychology of the workplace is also another interest of mine. Switching to work and/or study from home has changed everyday life. Talking with friends and family about their experiences has been fascinating as, for some, this has been the first time they have ever stopped long enough to think about their life.

So many trends have manifested due to the pandemic, with collective anxiety, boredom and wellbeing being the main factors influencing mindsets globally, making for some huge changes to everyday life. I, like many, have struggled to keep motivated on my studies at points during the pandemic, but from this experience, I have been able to understand the effect working environments have on productivity and mood.

I feel so honoured to have this opportunity with Cargo Interiors and share what we will be working on with you guys.

What are you most excited about during your time with us?

I am really looking forward to working alongside the team gaining valuable lessons, skills and experience. Also, I am excited to share with you guys what we will be working on over the next couple of weeks.

I’ll be here with the time to inspire and help you guys on your journey back into the new normal of the workplace.

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