New Design Project Awarded to CARGO by Green Retreats!

New Design Project Awarded to CARGO by Green Retreats!

We’ve got an announcement.

CARGO® Interiors is pleased to announce that we’ve been appointed as the workplace designer for a new office refurbishment project with Green Retreats.

cargo interiors and green retreats

Our friends at Green Retreats are ready and raring for their employees to make the transition back to the office. As a ‘thank you’ to their staff for their patience, perseverance and dedication throughout the pandemic, Green Retreats has planned a complete office redesign and overhaul to warmly welcome back their teams.

Our relationship with Green Retreats goes way back, with this being the third project that we’ve been award by the rapidly growing company. We’re so proud to be chosen yet again as their designer for this exciting new project – it’s a real testament to our great working relationship with this fantastic brand.

Check out the showroom space we designed for Green Retreats at their London Showroom…


The Project.

A bit about Green Retreats:
Green Retreats are the UK’s leading garden room company; designing and installing luxury garden buildings that are a modern and unique home extension solution. During the pandemic, the company experienced unprecedented growth with garden office building sales booming as a result of lockdown. The company’s order books doubled which meant rapid expansion during very difficult times. A real success story!

Green Retreats Garden Office Buildings

The project so far is for CARGO Interiors to complete an office redesign, ready to welcome the teams back to the office. We’ve been tasked to adapt the working environment to accommodate the changing work culture brought about by the lockdown and working from home.

“During the pandemic, our employees have done an amazing job adapting to a new way of working. That culture shift has taught our teams a lot and we’ve grown and benefitted massively from it as an organisation. Whilst we’re bringing the teams back into the office, we want to harness the positive learnings we’ve had from working from home and adopt them into our new office design. This new space will be an amazing place to work that fits a modern working culture. Plus, it’s a little way to say ‘thank you’ to our employees for everything they’ve done over the past year”
– Luke Wetherall, Sales & Marketing Director for Green Retreats.


The office needs to be welcoming, and a big part of making people feel comfortable returning to work post-lockdown is for the office to be safe and ‘covid-secure’.

During the year of working from home, employees are used to their home comforts, which will forever change the way we see ‘the office’.


psst… Here’s a Sneak Peek

We can’t give too much away just yet!
But here’s a sneak peek at some of the ideas we’ve been working on:

Green Retreats Mood Board of Office Design Ideas
An Inside Look at The Brief: 
  1. Create a warm and inviting environment that’s “home from home” to transition teams back to the office.
  2. Convert the existing ‘traditional office’ into a flexible and modern workspace that harnesses the positive culture shift and adapted ways of working learnt during a year of working from home.
  3. Consider safety and hygiene measures for a healthy workspace that the teams feel safe returning to following the pandemic.
  4. Plan the space to adapt and grow with the rapid expansion of the company.
  5. Incorporate biophilic design that reflects the company’s green credentials and the brand’s connection with nature and the outdoors.


Green Retreats Office Design Notes

The Cargo Interiors team are so excited to work with the awesome Green Retreats team again on this forward-thinking project. Watch this space to see the completed design!




Things have changed, there’s no point in ignoring it!
And offices have got to evolve and adapt just as staff members have.

office furniture fit out

“Work from home where possible” – a simple instruction that turned everything on its head. In the face of this great challenge, the resilience and adaptability of the nation has been spectacular. And the great news is, it’s nearly over. We’ve done it! But now what…

Returning to the office is a big milestone and one that is most likely to be met with an amount of apprehension or fear, as well as hopefully a bit of excitement (normality at last, THANK GOODNESS!)

“Companies and individuals will be forever changed by the impact of the pandemic. And the safe return of staff to the office is no small matter. It’s of the utmost importance to make sure all of the correct measures are in place ready to welcome back employees properly; helping them feel safe and comfortable following what’s been the most challenging of times for businesses and individuals alike.”
– Carl Gough, Managing Director at CARGO Interiors.



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