COBALT House | New Project Announcement

COBALT House | New Project Announcement

We’ve got an announcement.

5-Star Luxury meets Office Design & Build | COBALT Enterprises

CARGO® Interiors is proud to announce that we’ve been chosen as the principal contractor for the latest, most innovative and opulent project to come to Cardiff, COBALT House.

Cobalt House

COBALT House is a stylish 3 storey new-build office block in Cardiff, created to meet the changing demands of modern businesses and professionals looking for flexible and adaptable working environments.

“Think serviced offices, coworking, function rooms, hot-desking, solo office pods and meeting spaces – but luxury.”
– Bethan Williams, CARGO


COBALT Office Building Newport Road Cardiff

COBALT House will be a fantastic example of a thoroughly considered and workable modern workspace that sets the bar for the future of adaptable high-end offices.



The Project.

CARGO has been tasked with transforming the concrete shell of COBALT House’s modern new-build office block into a luxurious, modern and flexible working environment.

This project will be where 5-star hotel-calibre luxury meets office design.

The COBALT team have been planning and shaping this idea for years, and needed the support of a design & build company that shared their values and passion for quality, luxury and style.

And that’s where CARGO comes in…

luxury office furniture design

The varied skills and specialisms of the CARGO team mean we can take care of every detail of this office design and build project; from electrical, mechanical and building works to decor, layout and ambience.

In technical speak, our teams will be executing CAT-A and CAT-B fit-outs for this project, as well as full project management to ensure a smooth process. That’s all paired with CARGO’s famous flair for quality, style and design.

“Our desire is to create something spectacular, not only for our employees but other professionals and small businesses that will adopt the space. We’re passionate about the future of flexible and adaptable office working, whilst paving the way for a new style of sophisticated comfort as a must to bridge the gap between working from home and returning to ‘the office’. CARGO Interiors was the perfect fit to help us create our vision.”
– COBALT Enterprises



Indulging in Luxury

Something we all need after the year we’ve had, right?!

Whilst CARGO Interiors as a business has been incredibly lucky to have gone from strength to strength during the pandemic, we know this hasn’t been the case for many companies and individuals.
It’s been tough.

During a time of ‘making do’ and adjusting to our home comforts whilst working from home, many people have become accustomed to a more relaxed office space (a bit too relaxed for those of us who’ve adopted a sofa as our workstation…)

Luxury sofa

The future of “the office” looks set to change forever into a more casual and comfortable environment.
But what if we take it one step further?
What if the office becomes BETTER than the comforts of home?
What if it becomes the 5 Star luxury retreat we’ve all been yearning for this past 18 months?

That’s exactly what COBALT plans to do, and we’re here for that.



psst… Here’s a Sneak Peek

We can’t give too much away just yet!
But here’s a sneak peek at some of the ideas we’ve been asked to deliver:

Cargo Designs for COBALT House
An Inside Look at The Brief: 

1. 3 Floors:
We have 3 exciting floors to develop into a modern and luxurious collection of workspaces. The ground floor is home to COBALT Enterprises, with the first and second floors being transformed into high-end serviced coworking spaces.

2. Luxury & Opulence:
A five-star build with no compromise on the quality of luxury finishes. We’re talking copper and granite, hand-carved bespoke reception desk and sumptuous office furniture. The overall look and feel are akin to a high-end five-star hotel.

3. Lounge 27:
Lounge 27 is a unique and adaptable working space situated on the ground floor. This luxury space serves as a hot-desking environment for professionals looking to indulge in retreat-style surroundings whilst they work and meet. Beautiful booth seating and lounge sofas create a relaxed atmosphere, with a log fire adding the finishing cosy touch for ultimate class and comfort. The tea-point of this unique space is a stylish hangout, creating a stunning focal point. This space is designed to be adaptable, doubling up as a function space for seminars and networking events.


“Lounge 27 is definitely going to be an environment that will demand respect and one that I would personally love to spend time in.”
– Carl Gough, CARGO.



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We can’t wait to see this project come to life and share the success with you! Keep posted on our social media accounts for sneak previews and on-site updates as they happen.

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